it’s no secret that i’ve been dealing with PTSD (or posttraumatic stress disorder) for quite a while now. i’ve spent the last few years learning about it, learning how to manage it, and also sharing bits and pieces of my journey with you guys in the daily vlogs. naturally, you guys have a bunch of questions about it. where did i get it from? what does it feel like? how can i tell if i have it? how can i help my loved one who has it?

i’ve been wanting to make a standalone video about it for a while now, so now here it is. i didn’t really have much of a script, i just did my best to share everything that i could about my experience. hopefully this answers some of you guys’ questions, and hopefully it’ll prove useful and/or helpful to some of you.

thanks for all the love and support you guys have given us! you guys have helped me in ways you can’t begin to understand.

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