“Dealing With Tragedy & Loss | Tanner Cipriano & Brandon Malinowski“


Show Date: 30-Jun-2020

Raw & Unscripted, Ep#060
SPECIAL TIME: Tuesday 6pm (PST) and 9pm (EST)

Tragedies resulting in the unexpected death of someone dear to us are sadly sometimes the final outcome when dealing with undiagnosed and ongoing mental illness. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is definitely a huge component of this ongoing fight as well.

In this candid, transparent, and very vulnerable conversation, my guests Tanner Cipriano and Brandon Malinowski share their raw emotions as they recall how each lost their fathers in very sudden and horrific ways.

Not only will you hear about the above, Tanner and Brandon also open up about suddenly losing their dear close friends during the same time in their lives! What the fuck???

It’s certain you’ll walk alway from this conversation moved, inspired, and strengthened by what these two amazing young men share from their heart and soul.

Not only how to deal with grief, loss, and overwhelming sadness, but equally important how you can choose to see the meaning in what happens – even when it’s tragic!

Listen to them closely and deliberately as they share how they view what happened with honesty, deep-hearted love, compassion, and a definite purpose to continue living their lives with purpose, passion, confidence, and yes, gratitude.

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Please consider donating what you can to help with medical expenses and treatments for Tanner’s brother Salvatore who was nearly beaten to death.


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