December 4th 2018 gun was pulled on me!!! In front of my little kids!! Unprovoked Assault!!!

I took my kids to see their father because he promised them birthday presents… and instead of Andre R. Frazer (respiratory therapist, National Guard) coming to the door… his mistress/ home wrecker/ “whore turned to house wife” Jackie C. Frazer (Registered Nurse/ military trained also) opened the door with a gun pointed directly at my face. Completely unprovoked. While the gun is pointed at my chest; she yelled to the top of her lungs trying to provoke me. She is missing teeth in the back of her mouth. She threatened to kill me in front of my children and in front of hers. I pulled my camera out to film and she quickly put the gun behind her back. I was so upset I was screaming once she took the gun out of my face. He abandoned me with our three children. I am being discriminated against. The Department of Revenue refuse to help me fight my case. He toyed with our kids there after with empty promises. He and she continues to stalk and harass us. None stop daily bullying for ten years. One good thing after this incident is he stopped lying to our children. However he stopped talking to them completely. These people are manipulative and just plain evil. #ChildSupport #Liar #AbuseOfPower #Abandoned #DepartmentOfRevenue #Jealous #Hater #Gangstalking #Traumatized #PTSD #PostTraumaticStressDisorder #Tampa #Florida #Arrested #NoChargesFiled #AssaultWithDeadlyWeapon

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