Demons – (Unhinged – Music Video) by AfroMatrix

Lyrics written and performed by ‘AfroMatrix’
Produced by Freek van Workum (including chorus).

[Non-Profit Music Video]

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Demons are about the darker side of our being.
We all have them whether we like to admit it or not.

We all have emotional triggers. ‘An emotional trigger is anything — including memories, experiences, or events — that sparks an intense emotional reaction, regardless of your current mood. Emotional triggers are associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Here are some examples of common triggers:

• the anniversary dates of losses or trauma
• frightening news events
• too much to do, feeling overwhelmed.
• family friction
• the end of a relationship
• spending too much time alone
• being judged, criticized, teased, or put down.
• financial problems, getting a big bill.
• physical illness
• sexual harassment
• being yelled at
• aggressive-sounding noises or exposure to anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
• being around someone who has treated you badly.
• certain smells, tastes, or noises

This video I created is to express my interest and feelings around the subject of demons.
A taboo subject that may go unnoticed, but equally so, it is significant because it is a part of every one of us. There are those of us who frequently entertain our demons, those of us who have interval episodes, and those of us who have mastered ‘mind over matter’ and not allow ourselves to be consumed by our demons.

I hope you all enjoy the music and video.

And never be afraid or ashamed to ‘express yourself,’ after all we are only ‘human.’

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