Depression and PTSD-How It Led Me to Entrepreneurship and Finding My Purpose In Life

This is a very serious topic that I think is so necessary to discuss. Dealing with depression and PTSD took me through an emotional roller coaster, and once upon a time, life threw everything at me.

I felt alone, discouraged, unworthy, unappreciated and more after these incidents occurred that I discuss in this video. Toxic relationships, toxic environments, deaths in the family, feeling like no one understands your pain can cause a bad mental health.

But I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. You can either let it take control of you or you can take control of it, and that’s what I did! I discovered my purpose to encourage healthy dating, building self confidence and women empowerment. Now I’m stronger than ever and no one, can take away the vision that I have for myself and for my future.

I am a visionary, not a victim and you can be a visionary too!

Source: Youtube