Destroying hard drive. Destruction therapy destroying laptop – part 1

My name is Xanthe Wyse.

Will tell you what I am doing this video then why. I was listening to “Cuz I Can” by P!nk on repeat which is why I didn’t speak much. I showed some of the lyrics that stood out to me (in my journal). It’s a song with a bit of attitude and I felt quite calm.

I intend to try smashing this old laptop with a sledgehammer. I wanted to destroy the hard-drive first as it has a strong case which might not destroy the internal parts.

I phoned a computer place to enquire and they instructed me to remove the lithium-ion battery, leave it intact for disposal. Check with your local area for disposal.

They warned me that the hard-drive contains glass and they typically will use a small sledgehammer themselves.

The laptop was over 10 years old and the battery unclipped with a switch.

I drilled out the screws and prised the hard drive case open with a screwdriver. The disks were like thin mirrored glass and shattered with distortion from lifting with a screwdriver. Could also be smashed with a hammer. I wore safety googles as tiny fragments of glass flew everywhere.

I tried to catch most of the glass in an old cardboard box which I taped closed for disposal.

I tested out the screen with a hammer. It seems very strong. The computer place said will have glass. I might tape it to stop glass going everywhere when smash it.

I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (type 1) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sometimes I find it therapeutic to smash symbolic objects. I bought this laptop when I started a business that won a business award (pet-sitting business). The laptop was at the psychiatric unit with a sticker with my old name. I changed my name legally in a psychiatric unit as my former name became a huge trigger. Sticker didn’t come off, so I covered it with childish stickers during a mania episode.

I want to try destroy the rest of the laptop with a sledgehammer in next few days or so. Will only have one take at filming it.

Source: Youtube