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Discovering My Scars is a moving account of a young woman’s struggle with unexplained depression that leads her to cope with non-suicidal self-injury.

One dramatic day in her college dorm, self-injury landed Stephanie Kostopoulos in the surreal world of a psych ward for 74 hours. Those traumatic hours defined her life for many years, until she came to see her trauma through the lens of self-forgiveness, ongoing recovery, and God’s grace of revelation.

​From the start, Stephanie makes herself vulnerable and invites readers into her reality with raw and visceral depictions of non-suicidal self-injury. The journey encapsulates life during her 20’s, while also stepping back to childhood, revealing abuse that explains the events of her young adult life.

Separated into three parts, Discovering My Scars holds nothing back as Stephanie details her struggles with depression, self-injury, and life in a mental hospital. She takes an important look at life after wrongful treatment and resulting post-traumatic stress disorder, ending with a beautiful recovery journey—the revelation of childhood abuse and the mustard seed faith leading to her healthy life today.

​Discovering My Scars commands attention with Stephanie’s powerful first-person experience and authenticity. It is packed with revelations about what can underlie inexplicable anxiety and depression, and lets others struggling with unexplained depression know it’s okay to “discover their own scars” through the process of ongoing recovery and forgiveness. ​

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