Discrimination due to mental health.

My name is Miriam! I had to speak about mental health, and how many of us are being duissmissed or not taken seriously due to a mental health diagnosis. I have CPTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, and OCD. I was raped in 2017, and was not even given a rape kit due to my mental health as well as an Er Dr who didn’t know me giving me a false diagnosis. I have been assaulted by hospital security, and am scared everytime I walk into emergency that I will be treated without any dignity or respect. I have Ehlor Danlos, a blood pocket in my back, Scoliosis, a cyst in my head, and possibly the start of Ankylosing Spontylitis. For 10 years I wasn’t even given an MRI and was told it was all in my head due to my CPTSD. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!

There was a man crawling out of a hospital room because they blamed it on his mental health, and refused to take into consideration he might also have a physical disability. This made me sick to my stomach as I know exactly how he feels, and how many of us are being mistreated due to our Mental Health.

I’m taking back my voice, and encourage you to do the same. Again Stop! Press on!


Source: Youtube