Discussing those basic concepts: Elitism and deaf audists in our deaf community caused divisiveness

Discuss the attitude of Deaf Elitists in the east coast influence the attitude and systemic oppression toward other Deaf members within the community by making the decision for all Deaf Americans after an incident with Heather Mewshaw’s unprofessional conduct while interpreting in the White House that caused divisiveness. It can be viewed as “Deaf Audists” using three criterias to define superiority over other groups known as a lateral violence.
Define Professionalism
Source: https://www.aapc.com/blog/40477-10-characteristics-of-professionalism-in-the-workplace/
To review 10 desirable Characteristics of Professionalism in the Workplace

Facts finding: Heather Mewshow
Has been working as an ASL interpreter in the White House since 2010

Has been interpreting in 2020 in the White House covering COVID Pandemic issues

Nobody (from Deaf Democrats, Deaf Progressive groups, Deaf Feminist, Deaf BIPOC community, Deaf LBGTIQA community or Deaf Jewish/Christians groups PROTESTED about her unprofessional conduct when she interpreted for Far Right ASL or Access groups when she interpreted for White House during the COVID Pandemic Press Conference in Spring to Fall 2020.

Nobody filed a complaint with the RID Office or NAD Office to question about her unprofessional conduct before Jan 20, 2021.

Nobody challenged about her integrity to remain impartial (neutrality) while conveying the message from spoken language to ASL before Jan 25, 2021.

Why didn’t those deaf Progressive political groups call out for CPC violation on Heather as an ASL interpreter before Jan 20, 2021?

I am much aware of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSDs impacted by our previous Trumpism/Retrumpicians) affected some targeted groups of deaf people. The issue is separated from the right as protected by the federal laws vs political biparistan between two deaf political groups to tear the country AND deaf community alike.

Do you, as a deaf consumer, believe that any persons in the Deaf Diversity groups with “Deaf AUDISM” or ASL Interpreting Community have ETHICAL authority to SUPPRESS or PROHIBIT of any parts of books, films, news, or social media that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.

To violate your civil right as a Deaf American to access to ANY information such as news, social media, books, etc. not to be captioned or interpreting using ASL?

Why 800 letters sent to the White House to protest on Jan 24, 2021? Why not to RID or NAD following the standard practice in filing grievance in the workplace?

When there was the first time ever in the US history to provide full inclusion for the ASL using community when we have a formal procedure in the Deaf community to file a grievance through the proper channel with the RID and the NAD?

Ethical Question: Censorship to some specific group versus Communication Accessibility reflected “Deaf Autism”?

Define Audism not only apply to the hearing community but our own Deaf community

Audism is a term used to describe a negative attitude toward deaf or hard of hearing people. (It can apply to Deaf people within their own Deaf community to oppress or suppress deaf minorities with different values/beliefs.) It is typically thought of as a form of discrimination, prejudice, or a general lack of willingness to accommodate those who cannot hear. Those who hold these viewpoints are called audists and the oppressive attitudes can take on a variety of forms. Deny smaller deaf groups with different beliefs the basic communication accessibility to benefit direct service of ASL interpreter that is not in the Deaf Core Community.

Source: https://www.verywellhealth.com/deaf-culture-audism-1046267#:~:text=Audism%20is%20a%20term%20used,accommodate%20those%20who%20cannot%20hear.

Source: Youtube