Discussion on Mental Health with Tasha Hunter, LCSW | Host: Keya

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Tasha Hunter Bio reads:

Tasha Hunter is an Air Force veteran with a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Social Work. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and resides in Goldsboro, North Carolina with her husband and daughter.

She is the author of her memoir, “What Children Remember” is available on Amazon.
Her private practice, Ascension Growth Center, specializes in the treatment of childhood trauma-related PTSD and infertility.

She works to eradicate the stigma of mental health by speaking to others at workshops and seminars about trauma and related mental health topics. Driven and well informed by personal experience, her mission is to spread awareness about complex trauma and to give survivors a safe space to heal.

Contact information:
Email: tashahunterauthor@gmail.com
Phone # 919-344-3669

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