Dissociated, Abused, PTSD? COME HOME TO YOUR BODY

Jini’s herd of horses is a powerful mix of 11 wild mustangs, semi-feral horses and 1 domestic horse. Jini says, “The reason I leave my horses as wild and untouched as they wish, is because a fully empowered, embodied horse is a very potent healing facilitator.”

Join the Singing Horse Herd, Jini Patel Thompson and 2 other healing facilitators (Jenny Andrews & Güliz Ünlü) for this powerful workshop experiencing what it’s like to be IN your body:

Teachings from the horses enter our beings at a very visceral level; it’s like our body receives a different level of learning/awareness from the horse’s body. Combining the horse’s work with human commentary or translation enables our human monkey-mind to receive as well.

Join us if you feel dissociated from your physical body, or if you find it hard to connect with your body, or receive guidance from your body wisdom. If you’ve suffered PTSD, or childhood abuse, this will definitely help you to feel safer, and give you some tools to re-connect more deeply with your precious body.

Source: Youtube