Dissociation: How to reconnect

At some point in everyone’s life, they’ve experienced dissociation to some degree.
Dissociation can come when in shock, grief and absolutely with PTSD.
Join us -Roman and Audra- this Sunday January 31st at 9:00am pacific , as we delve into the topic of dissociation and what it looked like in our own experiences.

Viewers Discretion Advised!

Audra has been through assault and an attempted murder. She’s stepped firmly onto her path to help transmute suffering on this planet by sharing her story and the wisdom she’s gained through her experiences.

Roman has a similar story. He experienced emotional, physical abuse and molestation as a child, which steered him toward easing the suffering of animals.

They’ve joined forces to help shift consciousness around trauma, PTSD, and healing from victimization. Both had severe traumatic experiences throughout their life and share their story of how they got on their healing path and what they have discovered in their journey.

Viewers discretion advised they share true stories.

Source: Youtube