Dissociation with PTSD. Triggered. ACC disability assessment in NZ

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar disorder & post-traumatic stress disorder. I am dissociating moderately in this video. More likely to happen when I’m tired plus triggering topic. I was triggered recording the video plus watching back.

I have recently self-published my semiautobiographical novel, Pet Purpose, about a character who shares my diagnoses and figures out her own ways to start processing grief and trauma.

Next week, I will be assessed by a doctor from ACC to determine what percentage of disability they think I have, for the purposes of whether they will pay me a lump sum or not. It’s based on functionality, seems very subjective and isn’t very much. Would be much better to be able to work full-time. I have 2 part-time minimum wage jobs because I am affected by bipolar and PTSD. They will be assessing based on the PTSD. My psychologist believes I may not have developed the bipolar without the trauma, which she calls ‘complex trauma’.

ACC can pay for therapy with a registered clinical psychologist for survivors of sexual abuse trauma. There are hoops to jump through and the initial reporting is tough, but I have found that seeing a psychologist who listens and doesn’t judge me to be helpful. Only after a few years of therapy, if there is still impairment from PTSD, then an assessment for permanent disability be done.

Source: Youtube