Dissociative Identity Disorder – DID is it fantasy? – Overview of a study by Dr. Ellert Nijenhuis

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See update below in the description!
Hi dear people, in this video we talk about if DID is fantasy.
We share an overview of an amazing study by Dr. Ellert Nijenhuis
about dissociative identity disorder and fantasy.
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Thank you so much everyone for your lovely words. It does seem like Lisa made a mistake in the video. She was talking about bipolar disorder while the study referrers to borderline personality disorder. Im so sorry we got them mixed up. This study, nor we are saying that people with borderline personality disorder are over fantasizing/fantasizing too much. Also i want to make clear here that the video is no way meant to hurt or upset people with other mental health disorders, including bipolar and borderline. We all deal with our own (mental health) problems and issues. We are sorry if that part of the video seemed offensive. It was not meant in that way and we want to apologize by writing this and saying we are truly sorry if we came acros ignorant, blunt or offensive. We love you all and thank you so much for watching our videos, whether you have DID/DDNOS or another mental health issue and even if you are 100% healthy. You all are the best!

Here are some links:
The study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22768068

Neijenhuis article ”Is it Trauma- or Fantasy-based? Comparing dissociative identity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, simulators, and controls”

The full 3 hour talk in Dutch:

We are a dissociative identity disorder plural system. We got diagnosed in 2012 and since then have been reading everything we could get our hands on. In 2017 we decided to dedicate time and our resources in providing accurate up to date information on DID and OSDD. And to share our personal story living with this condition. By now we have over a 100 videos, many of which are educational. We are in no way expects or doctors. Nor can or should our videos replace your doctors advice or medication.

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[DISCLAIMER: This video does not serve as medical advice! Never stop taking medications or change the doses of medication without talking to your doctor first! Quitting medication abruptly can be very dangerous! We are in no way expects or doctors. Nor can or should our videos replace your doctors advice or medication.]

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