Dissolving Childhood PTSD in Adults who identified as female when children – Guided Meditation.

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“A Child in Tears Approaches You…” dissolves Childhood PTSD in Adults who identified as female when children. This is a ‘Wild Card’ recording in that the particular event or events that originally caused the PTSD in the child and which has been carried over into adulthood does not/do not need to be pinpointed or described. Your subconscious mind knows exactly what that event(s) entailed and this recording allows your subconscious mind to find this and deal with it properly and effectively, thus allowing you to feel free again and live without having to carry that burden any longer.

Narrated by the author in a resonant, male, Scottish accent and accompanied by beautiful, whilst unobtrusive, background music. This hypnotherapy guided meditation is 45 minutes in length.

Disclaimer: Never listen to or watch hypnotherapy (guided meditation) sessions whilst driving or operating machinery of any type. Focused attention on the media (video or sound track) brings best results.

Single Eye Hypnotherapy (Guided Meditation) Sessions do not carry or purport to carry medical advice and no medical claims are being made or implied. If you suffer from ill health in either mind or body first see your physician or medical professional and follow their advice.

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