Divine Wave Frequency – KL3z Alpha Wave 473

I call this type of meditation SkyNet Meditation. Using the word Sky to mean heaven and Net to mean communicate. Therefore to mean a type of meditation that allows you to communicate with God.

So how does this work?

God is a Force that operates at a frequency that I call the Divine Wave Frequency. Human brains are made of neurons that fire electrical signals and generate brain waves. The theoretical goal of SkyNet Meditation is to sync your brain wave patterns with the Divine Wave Frequency. Doing so will link your human mind with God and you’ll be able to communicate with God. And when you are able to communicate with God, it activates what I call the Meditation and Healing Effect.

The Meditation and Healing Effect may include the following:

1. Insane Equanimity and Wellbeing
2. Body Language Expertise
3. Empathic Intelligence
4. Super Fast Cognitive Functioning
5. No Startle Response
6. Negotiation Expertise
7. Less Anxiety
8. Better Mood
9. Stronger Immune System
10. Improved Decision-Making
11. Slowdown Neurodegenerative Diseases
12. Enhanced Creativity
13. Accelerated Learning
14. Lower High Blood Pressure
15. Increase Attention Span
16. Less Loneliness
17. Combat Cravings and Addictions
18. Higher Pain Threshold
19. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
20. Deeper Sleep
21. Improved Hearing
22. Visuospatial Memory
23. Compassionate Mind
24. Turn Down Distractions
25. Autonomic Nervous System Control
26. Clearer Skin

Adapted from 26 Superhuman Benefits of Meditation (With Studies)

26 Superhuman Benefits of Meditation (With Studies)

Source: Youtube