DIY Stress Balls | Depression, Anxiety, Stress & PTSD

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In today’s video I briefly talk about taking some time away to improve my anxiety. There are so many triggers on social media and in the media in general, and things can become overwhelming very quickly. Join me as I show you a quick 5 minute activity that is guaranteed to help you feel better too!

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Hi, I’m Shantana. Thanks for checking out my channel. My channel shows my journey to self-improvement through mindfulness, art, ecotherapy, and self-care. I sometimes talk about ideas for dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety as well.
I might also vlog or cook here and there! So, there’s a bit of everything. Just the way I like it.
I’m doing this to become the best version of myself, but I hope OnMyWay I can motivate others as well.❤❤❤
First Video: Dec, 24, 2018

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