Do I Have To Tell To Heal My Complex PTSD?

Marriage and Family Therapist and complex trauma survivor Tamara Ridge answers the question: Do I Have to Tell To Get Over Childhood Trauma?

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One of the big challenges for adults who suffered childhood trauma includes difficulty sleeping.

Here are Tamara’s recommendations for improving sleep:

I was surprised how much a Weighted Blanket like this one helped me sleep. It just felt like an all over hug and imparts a sense of security that helps me fall asleep and sleep better:

These natural sleep remedies help me stay asleep through the night. I struggle with restless legs and the passion flower/valerian root combination really calms them down for me so I can rest:
– Organic Passion Flower:
– Organic Valerian Root:

Childhood trauma and the stresses that come afterward often lead to magnesium deficiency (most Americans are already magnesium deficient, according to research). Luckily, magnesium absorbs into the skin and a nice warm – not hot – soak for 20 minutes before bed can create calm in the body and enhance sleep. This soak is high grade and well absorbed:

Recommended Books:
The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, M.D. For understanding how stress contributes to Magnesium deficiency and what to do about it:

Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson:

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