Do You Want This Show To Exist? #3 (For Happy Tree Friends Fans Only!)

It’s Happy Tree Friends: Kid Friendly Cartoon.
Yes, I Do Want It To Exist, It Would Be Better Than The OG!
Here Are The Differences Of The Idea:
1: It Will Be Made By Warner Brothers Instead Of Mondo Mini Shows.
2: It Will Lack Blood, Gore Or Swearing.
3: It Will Have Dialogue.
4: The Mole Will Have A Shorter Purple Turtleneck, That Way His Face Will Be Shown.
5: Cro-Marmot Won’t Be Frozen Anymore.
6: Flaky Won’t Be Nervous Anymore.
7: Flippy Won’t Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Anymore.
8. The Theme Song Will Be Different, And It Will Have A Tropical Genre.
9: Truffles Will Replace Mr. Pickels.
10: Lifty And Shifty Will Be Friends Instead Of Foes.
11: Sniffles’s Mouth Will Be On The Side Than On The Tip Of His Nose.
12: Pop Won’t Be A Bad Father Anymore.
13: Splendont, Buddhist Money, Sneaky, Mouse Ka-Boom, FatKat, Rudy, The Rat, Tricksy, & Pop’s Wife Will Be Involved.
14: It Will Be A Slice Of Live Cartoon.
15: All The Character’s, Parents Will Be Involved.
16: Like The OG, All The Characters Will Have Their Own Intros, Even Their Parents.
17: It Will Have Loads Of Merchandise And Miscellaneous, Like SpongeBob.
18: Truffles Won’t Be Grumpy.
19: Lumpy Will Be Kinder Than Expected
20: Each Episode Will Have A Time Length Of 20 Minutes.
21: Splendont Will Be Splendid’s Friend Instead Of His Rival.
22: Like The OG, It Will Have Breaks, Love Bites, Kringles, Smoochies, & Blurbs.
23: Handy Will Have Hands.
24: Russell Will Only Have 1 Peg Leg On Him.
25: Disco Bear Will Actually Be Liked By Giggles, Petunia, Flaky And Lammy.
26: Flaky Will Be A Cereal Seller.
27: Splendid Won’t Be A Bad Superhero.
28: The Characters Will Speak Perfect English Clearly.
29: An Improved Version Of The Really Good Unicornius Will Be Involved.
30: Snowers, Nicky, Xeba, Neozor, Skaggles, Kevin, Spooky, Winter And The Kaplan Boys Will Be Involved.

Source: Youtube