Frodo Baggins shares with us his struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD) following the many battles he faced in saving Middle Earth!

Stress and trauma can hit all of us at different times in our lives on both the physical, mental and emotional roller coaster of life. Compassionate friends and family members really do make a difference to our healing and wellbeing. Professional counselling and physical and mental therapies can also be very helpful.

One of my fishing buddies, a war Veteran suffers with PTSD, and has done so for over 30 years after his service in the British Army. As an 18 year old soldier he witnessed and was given orders during the Irish border conflicts that has deeply affected his mental health. He turns to fishing, friends and family for his support.

Our hobby of keeping and breeding Ball Pythons has massive mental health benefits for those suffering with stress and trauma. We know from many of our subscribers working in the NHS and care services – that coming home to their collection gives them and their families immense relief from the daily pressures that the world places on them.

We thank Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush for their number 1 hit ” Don’t Give Up !”

Anyone suffering with stress and trauma please take medical advice and seek support. You are never alone. There are many who are able to help you with these challenges.

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