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Here is the back 9 video at Dornick Hills Golf and Country Club. Wonderful golf course. Driving back to Kansas City from my trip down to Fort Worth and I stopped here at Dornick Hills in Ardmore Oklahoma. Beautiful track and great staff.

In January of 2020 I decided to start a YouTube channel. My mission is to help bring awareness to firefighter issues like PTSD and occupational cancer through the game of golf. My hope with this channel is to play golf with firefighters and share their stories.

My name is Steve Pope and I have been a Firefighter for the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department for 23 years and the Merriam Fire Department for 1. I am an avid golfer who wants to grow the game of golf with this channel but also bring awareness to the issues above.

I have a passion for golf and my mission because I have some PTSD issues that have caused problems in my family life as well as everyday coping. If you are a Firefighter please reach out to me so we can play some golf and bring awareness to PTSD and occupational cancers.

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