Dr Ben Sessa | MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy to Treat PTSD and AUD

We had the pleasure of hosting Dr Ben Sessa (MD) to give a talk about his work leading psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to help people of abuse suffering PTSD with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). He also gave us some insights into the work Awakn will be doing throughout the year, setting up psychedelic treatment clinics around the UK starting in Bristol.

00:00 Childhood trauma and its effect on brain development and mental health
06:32 Psychedelics and treating alcoholism throughout history
10:25 An introduction to MDMA
19:11 Bristol-Imperial MDMA-Alcoholism (BIMA) study
21:35 Safety profile of MDMA
27:24 BIMA study results
31:02 The next steps for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy
32:50 Analysing the objections to clinical use of psychedelics
39:54 The future of psychedelic medicine and Ben gives some information about Awakn
43:29 Q&A session

Source: Youtube