DrTranquility Talks Conscious Dating & Relationships

A show about all the relationships & partnerships you have in your life. Embodying the joy, from loverships to friendships to business partnerships. From Delicious dating to your ideal mate — why not get it right from the beginning?

LIVE video show every Wednesday 2 PM Pacific! Dr.Tranquility Lydia Belton is a renowned practitioner of Relaxation Physiology for Mind-Body Medicine from Harvard University’s Mind – Body Institute, and Columbia University’s Rosenthal Center in Botanical Medicine.

Dr. Tranquility’s FM radio show of years, w/ 200,000+ people tuned in each week, assists listeners to become happy clients. Achieving powerful, non-drug solutions for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Situational, social, and performance anxiety, Pain management without drugs, Personal Empowerment, and her Dating and Relationships Protocol helping 100’s find & keep healthy relationships

— Dr. Tranquility Show Page at Oneness Talk Radio: https://onenesstalkradio.com/shows/dr-tranquility-talks-conscious-dating-relationships/

— Connect with Lydia at her website: https://doctortranquility.com/

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