E20 Life begins for some and continue for other

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In this video you will discover:

00:00 Life begins again for us
00:13 Welcome to my confessions booth channel
00:33 After my friend left, the dining room was empty
00:49 We ate alone
01:05 The nuns place had become the nuns place
01:17 We were starting a life
01:42 The sisters made sure we were okay
01:58 We went out to visit Roma
02:13 I had to find the strength inside of myself
02:22 They were in pain while I was having fun
02:34 The sisters took a very good care of us
02:48 I started going to school
03:13 I was trying to get myself out there
03:41 He was helping me to learn the alphabet and numbers
03:52 My sisters weren’t as lucky as I was
04:20 She had a post trauma stress disorder
04:35 I didn’t want them to separate us
05:43 If she could have talked to someone
06:02 We have to live the current situation and resolve it, the past it’s over
06:25 Others members of my family had serious health problems related to the war
06:46 When is going to be my turn?
07:17 I had to do something
07:37 I take care of my physical and my mental health
07:42 I do therapy to put words in the “non-ordinary” situations
07:50 I make my youtube videos
07:56 I can hear myself saying it out loud
08:12 Thank you for listening
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