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EFT Tapping Audiobook free preview is an Health & Wellness,Alternative & Complementary Medicine audiobook write by Mark Evan Nathan
There is an alternative healing technique that is gaining popularity these days called Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT. It is more commonly known as EFT tapping because of the tapping method utilized by this particular healing process to alleviate a range of physical, spiritual, and emotional issues. Through this audiobook you will learn: What is EFT? The evolution of EFT Tapping What does EFT Tapping heal? Facing our barriers The top three emotional barriers Overcoming emotional barriers Emotional numbness PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder The two elements to EFT Tapping EFT Tapping points – the first element to EFT Tapping Identifying the problem and verbalizing affirmations – the second element EFT Tapping step-by-step process 30 day healing challenge ©2019 Mark Evan Nathan (P)2019 Mark Evan Nathan

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