Ep #4: Wade Carroll – Growing up in the South, Psychedelics & Healing PTSD

My convo with Wade Carroll was so much fun! 🍄 Wade grew up in the South & talks about his LSD experiences growing up in Alabama. We discuss how tripping has changed for him over the years now as an adult and gives some valuable takeaways from his experiences. Wade also opens up about having PTSD from losing his mother at 20 years old and how MDMA has helped soften those edges around those wounds.

About Wade Carroll: Wade is UI/UX Designer with 14+ years of marketing, advertising and graphic/digital design experience. Also a musician and singer with 20 year of classically trained piano who can be found writing some tunes here and there. Loves to be outdoors camping, running or snow skiing; or better yet in the ski lounge after a full day on the slopes with a glass of wine.

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