EP30: MATT SMITH || US Marine Veteran | Volunteer Firefighter | NJ Natural Gas | Depression | PTSD

Meet Matt, he is a US Marine Veteran, Volunteer Firefighter, works for NJ Natural Gas, & has overcome dark times in his life!! ✨ .
. We Zoom it up, talk about how we know eachother, and discuss his journey into how he became a marine, signing up at age 17, his family military history, the 3 phases of marine bootcamp, rifle training, being an infantryman, being an anti-tank missile man, the different combat trainings, different types of missiles, how the marines are a small group & brotherhood, learning to be humble, being deployed twice, how he was severely bullied growing up & dealing with depression, how bootcamp structure helped his depression, being assaulted in the marines by marines, aftermath of reporting the incident, switching marine units, being injured by an IED in combat & receiving a medical discharge, being diagnosed with PTSD/depression/severe anxiety/severe migraines, how it was to transition after the marines, dealing with life negatively and his attempted suicides, checking into the VA for psych help, eye opening experience at the VA, wanting to fix the VA hospitals, wanting to help others not feel alone or lose hope, being a volunteer firefighter, how it is working for NJ Natural Gas, his coping skills of drawing & playing guitar and singing, his new Tik Tok, mending relationships, bettering himself day by day, making sure to have a dream, and his advice for anyone watching/listening!! Please tune in & checkout his pages: IG: smitty_022 & TT: @blurry1mage ⬅️ .

Source: Youtube