Episode 1: Post Traumatic Prison Disorder Shawanna W76337 | Town Hall Event | Silent Cry and TCA

Post Traumatic Prison Disorder Shawanna W76337 is a bill Created by Silent Cry Founder Shawanna Vaughn, to amend the correction law, to address Post Traumatic Prison Disorder lowering and preventing future incarceration, reoffending and relapsing for high risk populations.

Research shows evidence that incarceration has negative psychological effects on people in prison. These include: A dependence on institutional structure and contingencies. Hypervigilance, interpersonal distrust, and suspicion. Emotional over-control, alienation, and psychological distancing. Social withdrawal and isolation. Incorporation of exploitative norms of prison culture. Diminished sense of self-worth and personal value. And post-traumatic stress reactions to the pains of imprisonment (Haney, 2001). The deprived social environment of prison can potentially impede one’s social capacity to navigate various social obligations post-incarceration.


This virtual town hall meeting brings together Health Experts, Faith Leaders, National Organizers, Entrepreneurs, Artists, and Advocates to share direct knowledge and expertise in support of the Post Traumatic Prison Disorder Shawanna W76337 bill.

Speakers and Presenters:
Pastor Isaac Scott, The Confined Arts at Columbia University
Lauren Hagani, The Confined Arts at Columbia University
Anatazia Schmid, PhD. Candidate, UC Riverside
Jewel Jones, Assembly Member
Richard Griffin, 327 Consulting Group
Stephanie Carnegie, Totality Of A Woman (TOAW)
Arthur Rambert, Community Stakeholder/Activist
Glenn Martin, GEMTrainers, LLC, GEMrealestate, LLC
Phil Giltner, Office of Brian Benjamin
Dr. Coralanne Griffith-Hunte, Created for Greatness Leadership Group, Inc.

Source: Youtube