Episode 12: Bruce Poulter – MDMA for PTSD

Bruce Poulter is an MDMA therapist, trainer, and clinical supervisor. During our conversation, Bruce talks about his interest in MDMA as a therapy, his years as a practitioner, the experience of such therapy for patients, its efficacy in helping people work through trauma, and the MAPS clinical trials that aim to legalize MDMA therapy in the U.S. by 2023.

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(00:00) Intro
(02:39) Bruce explains where his interest in MDMA stemmed from
(06:51) What does it mean to have PTSD?
(09:40) Symptoms of PTSD and the clinician-administered PTSD scale
(14:36) What is it that makes the life of an individual with PTSD difficult?
What are the triggers they experience?
(16:32) Bruce explains how they identify someone with PTSD
(18:15) Why is PTSD said to be a defense mechanism for what has happened to people?
(23:08) Bruce’s dedication towards helping people with this medicine in a therapy setting
(31:30) Bruce explains his wife’s battle with PTSD, and what he noticed in her personality, disposition, and mentality as a result of her going through MDMA therapeutic sittings
(37:55) What is MDMA? How does it function?
(40:43) The dosage amount, duration, setting, and other parameters that decide the usage of MDMA for PTSD
(45:29) An outline of an MDMA treatment session
(01:04:15) What does a person experience during the 8-hour period of treatment
(01:09:21) Different phases of the MDMA drug trial
(01:15:52) MDMA is not for everyone – Bruce explains why coercing should not be an option
(01:26:08) What is the future of MDMA?
(01:33:31) How is MAPS getting involved in the conversation concerning PTSD treatment?
(01:40:32) Misconceptions, facts, and anecdotes that could benefit those listening

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