Episode 12 – Wizards, Roast Beef and Mudd Butt.

Castle and Cage – Handwritten Notes Podcast

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Images created by use of Filmorea9, and Krita. All music, audio and commercials were created or recreated and recorded by Castle and Cage in Audacity and Garage Band for entertainment purposes.
If copyrighted material is used, all publications will be noted in the description of that particular episode. Any character resemblances in each episode of any actual persons or characters are creative property of Castle and Cage. Particular situations and events described are not evidence of any specific crimes or internal departmental policy violations committed by any certain person or persons. Any resemblance to any actual person or event is circumstantial and are not to be considered facts for use in any criminal or civil trial, internal departmental policy hearings as well as internal affairs investigations and trials, convictions, findings or exonerations. The purpose and intent of the Hand Written Notes Podcast is to increase the amount of laughter and humility during your listening experience. A human being’s life is full of hero’s and villains, good and evil; people, locations, events and situations. The dichotomy of good and evil and how our comedy is created will point out the good as well as the bad as we comedically perceive it to be. If you are offended, then please do not subscribe to, nor like the perception of what we feel is funny. We implore you to leave this channel and pursue it in another form and/or genre of entertainment. Comedy is subjective to the producer as well as the listener. Laughter can assist in the healing process of social anxiety, post traumatic stress, suicide, depression and many other personality disorders of human beings. Law Enforcement, Emergency Responders, Military Members, Legal and Medical Professionals are placed in high risk environments that create PTSD, cause divorce, depression, stress and suicidal tendencies. The Hand Written Notes podcast, hosted by Castle and Cage has been created and aimed at those professions to increase laughter and create humility from the darkest of experiences they encounter and demons they life with.

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