Episode 144 with Brent Casey

United States Army Desert Storm Veteran and Founder of Valor Pins and Coins Brent Casey joins this episode and talks about:

* Learning how to order groceries online to deliver to family in another state. 
* Watching National events unfolding in his backyard.
* The necessity of preparation.
* The company he founded to honor United States Veterans.
* The definition of a Challenge Coin and the emotion of designing one.
* Starting a Non-Profit organization with his brother for his Grandfather, the l
last-surviving Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient from World War II,
Hershel “Woody” Williams.
* The event that changed his life and the mixed emotions that came with it. 
* The memory of Desert Storm burned forever in his mind. 
* His body coming home from war, but not his mind.
* Not realizing he had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), how bad it
was and his Grandfather’s help for him.
* The six-week education that gave him his life back. 
* The power of not giving up and the plethora of resources available for
those with PTSD.

Connect with Brent on Linkedin and Facebook and go to www.valorpinsandcoins.com to learn more about Challenge Coins.

Source: Youtube