Episode 16: Luke Shields

Luke Shields, 18 years-old, has seen and been through things that nobody should every have to, but he acknowledges the fact that he couldn’t have changed the outcome of what he’s encountered. At a very young age he was introduced to the effects that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can have on a person and a family because of having a father who served in the army. Luke also encountered the loss of his sister due to suicide, witnessed and was first on the scene to a double fatality car accident, and helped pull a young kid out of the lake who drowned. He’s seen what it is like to have life leave someone’s body and he is sharing his story to help prevent the loss of someone struggling. He knows how difficult life can be, but he willingly opens up with tips of advice to manage mental health struggles and ultimately what he did to change his overall outlook on life. He possessed great strength and courage by talking about unspoken struggles all in the hopes of helping someone else. You truly never know what someone has encountered in their life and Like Shields fully exemplifies that EVERYONE has a story. 


If you want to talk to Luke and have some vulnerable conversations with him, you can reach him via: 

Instagram: photos_from.luke

Phone: 2508951360

Email: lukeshields16@outlook.com


If you want to reach out to me or are interested in being on the podcast you can reach me via: 

Instagram: strugglecreatesstrength

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Thanks so much for listening to another episode of Struggle Creates Strength and just remember that EVERYONE has a story.

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