Episode 18: Sadie Twidale

Sadie Twidale, 19 years-old, has a unique story and one that she ultimately can’t escape nor change on her lonesome. Her situation began when she was born into a household with a firefighter for a father. A rare topic of discussion when speaking on firefighters is the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that comes from being in the first responder field. Firefighters are first responders to the majority of scenes, but most tend to forget that. Sadie understands the traumatic experiences that firefighters encounter and she unfortunately has seen how it can effect their families as well. She has to live with the fact that she is a main trigger point for her fathers PTSD and it has not been easy on her. She talks about the toll it takes on her and how it effects her every day life. Sadie expresses the struggles of “walking on eggshells” when she is around her dad, but she utilizes a councillor to help her overcome this stressor. She possess great strength and gives us all an insight on what it is truly like living with firefighter who has PTSD. Go listen and remember that you never know what’s someone may be going through. 


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Thanks so much for listening to another episode of Struggle Creates Strength and just remember that EVERYONE has a story.

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