Episode 19 – PTSD Don't Pull My Trigger !!! – Misfits Assemble!!!

The Vaping Misfits are back!
On a brand new channel!
Unsure if you noticed?

Welcome to Episode 19, PTSD Don’t Pull My Trigger.

This show was originally scheduled for two weeks ago but unfortunately it didn’t go ahead due to unforseen circumstances relating to Grizzly. Grizz will explain all on the show this week.

PTSD is a mental illness usually caused by a traumatic event occurring in someone’s life that they weren’t able to process at the time. PTSD can sometimes manifest itself years, sometimes decades after the traumatic event even occurred. Our very own Matt has been diagnosed with this and Grizz is currently waiting for an assessment for it. Lets have a look at some of the common causes, signs and symptoms and learn about it together.

We hope you enjoy the show.
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