Episode 194: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Lockdown Deux! A bad sequel for worse reasons. (part 3


The statistics are clear. Excess deaths have remained unchanged since May/June this year. The PCR test applied on an industrial scale is unreliable with an unspecified high false positive rate so the more testing of even a healthy population the more false positives masquerading as cases will be found. The apparent rise in covid mortality has exactly mirrored the reduction in mortality from other causes. Hospital bed occupancy is lower than this time last year. SAGE have had to back pedal and say that their only remit is to advise about Corona yet they stand in front of the National media advising drastic measures without any due consideration for the side effects of those measures. It is potentially medicolegally an assault. One the main effects of lockdown is stress for a number of reasons all centred on loss of individual control over one’s life. This will lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as innumerable other illnesses. Stress is already the biggest killer in the Western World above poor diet. Bullying also can lead to PTSD and we look at allegations which have found to be true against the Home Secretary yet she has not been sacked. This is in contrast to a junior politician who’s promotion was blocked by Boris Johnson because BJ’s girl friend gave evidence against him in a harassment case where he was exonerated. It looks like you either have to be guilty to thrive or its just who you know in this life. That said we now all know. The days of the government are numbered although Labour have made an even less cogent argument for deserving any power or influence at all. The only sense (and integrity) has come from a wind-sailing ex civil servant who resigned after he concluded the Home Secretary had broken ministerial code but Boris Johnson said it was ok because she did not realise and a group of conservative MPs who have formed an anti lockdown group.

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