Episode 50 Em Baker of Plike -”Sanity Meter”


In this episode Sven zooms with Em Baker of Plike.  Find out what recording in a car, a washing machine, and the opening scene in “The Fifth Element” all have to do with her music and collaboration with Yellow Belly.
SONG: Sanity Meter (feat. Yellow Belly)
ALBUM: Soteria
BANDS: Alison Layne (Alice in Chains cover band), Bishop Buzzkill, Plike, Wire & Wasteland, Acting for Cameras 
FAVORITE TREAT:  toss-up between a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food and a chocolate martini!
Photo Credit: Andres Morales-Torres | AMT Photoworks
Hellblade [Game] (Senua’s Sacrifice)
Yellow Belly [Band]
WitchHouse [Genre]
ChipTune [Genre]
Synth-Pop [Genre]
Pink Floyd [Band]
Dub Step [Genre]
Portishead [Band]
The Fifth Element [Movie]
PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder)
Aphex Twin [Band]
The Crystal Method [Band]
Decatur, IL
DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)
90s Daughter
The Canopy Club
VNV Nation [Band]
Paul Oakenfold
NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mass Effect [Game Series]
Star Wars [Movie Series]
Commander Shepard [Character]
VO (Voice-over)
Mark Hamill
Silent Hill
Oculus Rift
Aliens [Movie]
Ripley [Character]
Alien Isolation [Game]
Play Station
Untitled Goose Game
The Three Stooges
Asheville, NC

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