Episode 58: Alam Ghafoor – How forgiveness can set a hostage free: The story of an Innocent Terroris


*This episode contains graphic descriptions of violence and torture and is not recommended for all audiences.
Imagine being arrested by the ‘secret police’ in a foreign country, taken to a remote, secret location and then accused of being a terrorist bomber, tortured, degraded and held at the mercy of your torturous captors. Well, that’s the true story you’re about to hear. 
From the media:Alam Ghafoor was detained and tortured while on a business trip to Dubai following the London bombings in July 2005. Alam and his business partner, Mohammed Rafiq Siddique, flew to the UAE on July 4th of that year. They were dragged out of a restaurant as they dined on July 21st. The two British Muslims were then threatened with torture, deprived of sleep, subjected to stress positions and told they would be killed and fed to dogs.
Alam was eventually released without charge on July 30th, convinced that the individual to which consular officials were turning for permission to see him was a British intelligence officer. At the time of his interrogation, Alam was told that British security services had requested his detention and questioning.
Apparently MI5 and MI6 officers who question terrorism suspects they know are being tortured are apparently acting in line with a secret government interrogation policy, drawn up after the 9/11 attacks. The policy stated: “We cannot be party to such ill-treatment nor can we be seen to condone it” and that “it is important that you do not engage in any activity yourself that involves inhumane or degrading treatment of prisoners.” It also advises intelligence officers that if detainees “are not within our custody or control, the law does not require you to intervene” to prevent torture.
When Alam asked why he had been arrested, he was shown a photograph and told he resembled one of the 7/7 suicide bombers and that he must be related to him. His business partner, Siddique, who was also detained and tortured, says he was told he must have been involved in the bombings – not only did he share a name with the bombers – but he lived in Dewsbury, the same Yorkshire town.
One interrogator said to him: “In the morning you will be thrown into a pit and the dogs will tear you to bits and I will watch it and enjoy it.”
Eventually, he agreed to sign a false confession admitting he was a friend of the bombers and had organized the London attacks. “I wrote a false confession and put crazy things in it like ‘I have constant contact with Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden’,” he said. He was told he would be shot by a firing squad the following morning.
When Alam returned home, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. His relationship with his partner broke down and he suffered nightmares, anxiety, and paranoia.
Today, Alam resides in the UK and his understanding of people and cultural differences make him a master negotiator. He is an advisor and consultant to CEO’s, HNW clients, and Government agencies. His focus is on creating a better world and empowering the leaders of tomorrow.
Author of: Innocent Terrorist

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