Equine assistance psychotherapy program in York County helped save a veteran's life

It’s not your traditional form of therapy. ‘Equiteam Support Services’ helps clients deal with mental health in a unique outdoor environment with horses.

“They are non-judgmental, they allow us to be in their space, they reflect back to what we do and how we feel. Sometimes you’ll have a lot of anxiety and the horse will start being anxious,” said the Executive Director of Equiteam Support Services, Ellie Williams.

She says this program works because horses are like us, and we humanize our animals: https://www.fox43.com/article/news/health/mental-health-military-veterans-equiteam-support-services-equine-therapy-york-county/521-1336fe97-464b-49a3-807a-dc0f5e268304

Source: Youtube