Experiment ACE Introduction

The Experiment ACE is an exercise that Alex decided to try to help his motivation in turn things around and get out of the depressive state he found himself in the past few months. The Experiment firstly aims to help him to focus his mind on something positive while struggling to fight his severe condition of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). Alex has been suffering from really bad anxiety/panic attacks for over 10 years now, his experiences about professionals help and support have been very disappointing and frustrating and have in many occasion set up the urge to commit suicide.

He decided to demonstrate in this experiment the reality of things when you are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and trying to deal with the day to day simple tasks of living. He is aiming with this exercise to bring more awareness of the reality of the struggles to return and be part of the community in his condition. Alex is a Child Psychologist, and have been studying and practicing his own methods to avoid going insane, due to the bad services provided during the worst time of his life. He will explain and talk honestly about all the processes and struggles.

Join him in the 90 days journey of a mental health sufferer trying to be an active member of the society again!

Source: Youtube