Experts share tips for women to reduce the mental stress load and find fulfillment

WTOL 11 is focusing on mental health this week in a series we’re calling a State of DIS•ease. In this story, we’re focusing on anxiety in women with a mental health forum on Zoom.

Women are twice as likely to experience anxiety disorders, including PTSD, health experts say.

“We are overwhelmed. We are trying to do 20,000 things at once, juggling all of those balls, being a parent, sometimes being a parent and working and being a wife, or being a single parent and working and you’ve got all these things going on,” said clinical psychologist Aimee Drescher, Ph.D.

Women carry what psychiatrist Dr. Victoria Kelly calls a “secret mental load,” knowing when the toilet paper is out, when we need to send a birthday card or that homework is due.


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