Facing Your Truth in an Iboga Ceremony

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In this video, Luis Makonza Da Silva discusses the importance of facing your truth and why we need to stop lying to ourselves if we want to get better from PTSD, anxiety, depression and trauma like car accidents, or long standing trauma like sexual abuse.

Hi, it’s Louis Makonza Silva from Iboga Healing Experience.com. We’ve touched base back in the past talking about the truth, intent and action, mind, body, and soul. We’ve had those conversations, but I wanted to get back to truth. And what does it mean? What is our truth? What are we going to say? Oh, I live my truth. Um, well, when you’re sick you don’t. Generally we’re lying to ourselves. So we’re generally as sick as our secrets.

We bury things… we don’t want to face reality. So what does it mean to live your truth? I’m first and foremost is to be real within your reality, so facing it, not stuffing it in a bottle, let’s face it, head on. So we’ve got to deal with things. So how do we deal with things and what happens when we don’t deal with things? Well, when we don’t deal with things our mind, we’ll take over because you’ve allowed your mind to get in there and getting controlled so it will push you down.

Your mind will push you down. And what happens when you get oppression happening, you get the impression. So you have no way out because your mind is pushing down on you and you have nothing to go on. So we get depressed, we lie in bed, we feel stuck, we have racing thoughts, and we’d get into this endless loop of, oh, woe is me. Oh everyone feels sorry for me. It’s everybody’s fault with my own. But meanwhile we have created it all. We have allowed our mind to take over. We have our allowed other people’s truths to come into our mind. We’re living someone else’s life. We don’t even have control of our own life anymore. So living your truth is regaining your power and taking responsibility for your own actions.

PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. This is when we live through a trauma. PTSD takes about a year to come into play, um, from when the, whatever the trauma the case may be. Uh, someone gets raped. Car accident. In my case was home invasion where I had a gun put in my mouth. So how did that end up? Well, first of all, started lying to myself. I’m okay. I’m okay. You know, I’m a big guy and you know, I’m six foot two, 240 pounds. I could handle anything. I didn’t bother me. I’m a big macho guy, but that wasn’t my truth. It was eating me alive everyday. So I kept stuffing it up, get stuffing, gets nothing, but the more you stuff, the less you’re living and then you’re allowing room for your mind to come in there and when you start thinking you’re going to get better. That mind keeps replaying the event, replaying the events.

So that’s, that’s post traumatic stress and you get stuck in this loop of racing thoughts, reliving the accident or, or the trauma every day, creating paranoia and your mind will not shut down. It will not and it will be inconsistent to keep you on your toes. So when people get into drinking more, taking drugs, having too much sex, whatever the case, whatever your vice would be for self medication, you are trying to at least stabilize your mind. So it’s bearable.

In my case, I use drugs, alcohol, I worked. I was a workaholic and it was all trying to just keep it all at a certain level. Like what I cared whether it was if I was going 100 miles an hour, I’m going 100 miles an hour, but at least it’s 100 miles an hour as opposed to being 120 slash 60, 80 ten five, whatever the case may be. I was all over the place. So in that type of environment you cannot get, can’t get well. So once again, let’s start back by living the truth. Yes, it was. It was a trauma. It was a horrible thing, but it’s not my life. So we got to… We’ve got to rebalance ourselves.

We do this with an iboga ceremony. This is help for anyone suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety, serious trauma like rape, or incest, or trauma from a car accident or military trauma.

Contact me. We have help you to rebalance if you’re suffering with any of these things.

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