#feelgood15: Jennifer's Go-To Pandemic Feel-Good Spot | Bounce Back Generation

Jennifer finds beauty, and escape from pandemic life, in the Port of Oakland, California on a shimmering winter evening. Where’s your go-to feel-good spot?

Bounce Back Generation’s #feelgood15 videos capture daily moments that change our moods, help us build skills, and reduce stress as a reminder that it only takes 15 short seconds to calm down, feel good, and bounce back. Try it out and send us your #feelgood15! Let us know how you bounce back from stress in your life. Send us your video to info@bouncebackgeneration.com or tag us on social media.

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Bounce Back Generation’s mission is to help individuals, families, organizations and systems bounce back from toxic stress and trauma by building and sharing practical tools for resilience.

In 2011, we began our work as the Healthy Generations Project in a public housing community in San Francisco. A grandmother told us “we are all suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder” because of the constant presence of violent crime, drug use, poverty, institutional racism, and domestic dysfunction. That moment set us on a journey to understand how stress and trauma were impacting the community, and inspired us to work together to build resilience.

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Our work provides access to support Resilience for our society’s most vulnerable children and the adults who care for them. If you are able, please support our work by donating. We are a 501c3 nonprofit.

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