Felucia the Planet of PTSD – Star Wars Battlefront 2


War changes people.

Good people.

Kind people like my friend, TerribadDeluxe.

He was a great man. A generous man.

The war swallowed him whole. Numerous times. Until nothing was left. Nothing, except for unbridled rage. Rage and contempt. Towards the constant tides and waves of clankers and Sith. Towards his own brethren, and the Generals that, kind of, fought alongside us.

He squeezed his rifle’s trigger until no one was left standing. Eviscerated and melted remnants of clones and droids fell at his feet. Lightsabers held no value against the onslaught of bolts that sheared through the air with crackling heat trails. All fell in his path. All except me.

As I looked on in horror, powerless to stop the massacre. Powerless to step forward. Powerless, except to look on.

As the blaster fire quieted down, he looked at me. His kind eyes no longer showing. Only chaos and agony swirled between his irises. Only one sentence escaped his lips…

“Never again are we doing Supremacy on Felucia…”

You know, unless we’re droids the next time, LOL.

Thanks for watching you fantastic people and I will catch up with you later! Have a good one, wherever you guys are! Peace!

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