Firefighting and Mental Health Birdwell Foundation for PTSD

The Birdwell Foundation, non-profit organization was birthed in June of 2018.  A vision to expand to not just Combat Veterans suffering from PTSD/TBI, but to include any Veteran, both men and women suffering from PTSD/TBI, and First Responders.  To provide warrior and family support groups across our great nation for our Veteran and First Responder communities.  To bring awareness and engage the public about the epidemic that twenty-two Veterans take their own lives.  To educate the public to not stigmatize our Veterans by labeling them as “crazy”.  And finally, to build a state-of-the-art facility in the North Georgia area where Veterans and First Responders can come for a period of time to find restoration, healing from the invisible scars of trauma, and to learn how to continue a healthy and loving relationship with their families.  Gene Birdwell has not only funded the foundation with his own personal finances, he also contributes his time, energy, and leadership to the organization.

We are fellow Veterans and First Responders who suffer from PTSD, found our way out of the darkness, broke free from the bondage of PTSD, and are now in leading roles in the organization.  From Executive Director to boots on the ground. So that we can effectively assist our fellow brothers and sisters whom have served, continue to serve our country who struggles with life issues due to PTSD/TBI.  We are here to serve, to assist you as a Veteran, First Responder and our community, not just by words, but with ACTIONS!  We’ve been there, and we will not judge.  We got your six!

Source: Youtube