For Personal Use Only (Vlog) Episode 1 | P.T.S.D.

Defined As A Disorder; Characterized By One’s Failure To Fully Recover From Experiencing, Or Witnessing A Terrifying Event; P.T.S.D. Is A Treatable, Yet Often Diagnosed Part Of All Our Lives, At Some Stage, Or Another, As Products Of Mama Africa… How We Are Trained To Be Conscious Of That Trauma, And Taught To Navigate it, However, Is Another Matter All Together.

Growing Up As A Person Of Colour, In South Africa Today, You Are Lucky To Avoid A Traumatic Experience, That Shapes / Alters The Way You Approach Life, Situations, And People; Our Hurt Should Never Be Used To Create More Hurt, When Our Pain Can Be An Elixir For Somebody Else, Who May Be Experiencing Something That You’ve Already Dealt With; Therein Lies The Rub, If We Can Open Up More, Regarding Our Trauma, We Can Actually Start To Get The Help Available, For The Issues At Hand… Allowing Our Experiences, To Provide Some Form Of Tangible, Relatable Support, When We Are Inevitably Called Upon To Help Others.

Jah Bless You, Ngwaneshu!

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