Freedom from PTSD Transmission

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In this video we dive deep into the past and heal traumatic experiences that have caused our PTSD. As we heal these situations and events that have haunted us we bring back to ourselves fragmented soul pieces that have been stuck in time. Through retreiving these parts of ourselves we become more empowered and filled with vitality. There are many other areas affected in this video included self- sabotoging and self-defeating behaviors we have created due to our PTSD, inner child healing, and empoering goals that have been blocked due to our PTSD.

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Cody Jupiter Phetteplace is an intuitive energy worker that specializes in healing trauma, addiction, Removing limiting beliefs and fear while activating his clients personal power and psychic abilities. He does this by using the modality he created called Star Gate Reiki which is a combination of Reiki, Light Language, Sacred Activations, Theta Healing, Crystal energy, and Talk Therapy.

He is also an Usui/Holy Fire® and Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher that teaches Reiki classes using the International Center for Reiki Training manuals and protocols.

He holds teaching events, has a weekly Reiki Talk and Healing Experience with his co-host Kelli Herbert, and meets with clients 1-on-1 all over the world using Zoom. Cody also offers free healing healing video’s on his You Tube channel and Facebook business page which can be found in the links above.

Cody Jupiter Phetteplace does this work because it is truly what sets his soul on fire. He comes from a lifetime filled with addiction, trauma, fear, and feeling like he didn’t have a place in this world. He has personally broken free from the chains of his own hell and has dedicated his life to help others free themselves from their own prisons. He feels at home working with people around the things that have shame and stigma attached to them. Vulnerability and trust are essential parts of his own life and through his own healing journey understands the only way to be able to bring the darkest parts of ourselves into the light is by sharing them with someone else that can compassionately relate to them.

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