From pain to paradise – Book review (Karen Evans)

“From pain to paradise” by Karen Evans has taught me a lot and helped me discover lies that were destroying my marriage.

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I picked up this book after another horrible argument with my husband, even though we’d agreed to stay married and I was taking the first steps of my journey of healing from complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

I had already started learning about marriage, but I was still focused more on what my husband was doing, trying to correct him than making my own choices healthy. And pastor Jimmy Evans (the author’s husband) was talking in his sermons mostly to couples where both partners seemed more or less ready to become healthy.

I wasn’t in that position though, since my husband was very clear when we reconciled that he had no intention to work on himself or our marriage any longer. So I wanted to know how Karen Evans managed to stay focused on God until her husband started doing the right thing too, and what to expect.

“From pain to paradise” helped me a lot along my journey, especially with my focus on my own thoughts, words, and actions!

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