From Trauma To Serenity: How Danielle Ratliff Works Through PTSD (part 3 of 4, made with Spreaker)


Owner of Serenity Now Massage Studio in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina, Danielle Ratliff, discusses her powerful story of working through a traumatic sexual assault and subsequent PTSD. She discusses the loss of personal sense of safety and control over her body and how therapy and medication has helped in her healing process.

Key takeaways from today’s interview:
* how Danielle considers her trauma a loss of safety, trust and control
* how hemp oil helped to wean her off of years’ worth of meds
* how having it ‘together on the outside’ doesn’t equate to happiness or health
* her happiness is all about self-love and self-worth
* why she wouldn’t change what happened to her, and how it ultimately propelled her onto a different career path
* how talk therapy saved her
* how you can get paid by discovering your soul purpose
* is pride our major obstacle when it comes to seeking mental health treatment?
* you only have control over your own emotions, not anyone else
* why does she write in the present?
* why you don’t just have to be a veteran to be diagnosed with PTSD
* PTSD is relative! Fight, flight or freeze is the underlying theme.
* it’s ok to not be ok; and feelings are ok!

* Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
* Project Semicolon: the symbol for continuing your PTSD story (
* How to find a therapist in your area:
* Safe Alliance (for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence):
* App – Headspace

IG: @daniellespieces
FB: @danielleratliff
WSIC (Statesville) – Radio Show
Spotify: Serenity Now

From Mourning To Action: Powerfully Working Through Loss is a podcast based on Dr. Damon Silas’s first two books – From Mourning To Knight: Overcoming Loss; and What’s Your ACTION Plan? 6 Powerful Ways To Get Unstuck in Your Life Now! In these books, Dr. Silas discusses the various losses he has experienced (and not just death), how he has personally worked through these losses; and what he has noticed professionally as a psychologist and coach that has proven helpful for clients and patients as they work through their own losses.

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