Frontline Resilience Through Writing, and Being Heard

Narrative Expressive Writing, a program out of CU Anschutz, is helping healthcare workers deal with the extreme stresses of work during the pandemic. The anonymous narratives are a window in the the trauma these individuals face daily. The writing program, created by Dr. Meredith Mealer, operates locally and nationally. Participants say they finally feel heard…

“Dr. Meredith Mealer has spent the past fifteen to twenty years researching resilience in health care workers. Little did she know how much 2020 would need that work.

As a bed-side ICU nurse, Dr. Mealer first noticed how much nurses were struggling with the stressful work environment. Over the years through her research, she found “a significantly high rate of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and burn-out syndrome” in health care providers. However, she also found that health care providers with higher levels of resilience had less psychological distress.

So, when COVID-19 hit hospitals, Dr. Mealer knew that her work could be applied. But instead of focusing on research, she rolled out a program that would help healthcare workers be resilient.”


Source: Youtube