Ft.Yaqeen Sikander: Kashmir | Trauma | PTSD | Mental Health | Islamic Psychology#thehanafarooquishow

ft.Yaqeen Sikander ~ On Trauma | PTSD | Islamic Psychology Yaqeen Sikandar is from Istanbul, Turkey- Counseling Psychologist & Psychotherapist | Life Coach | Founder & Director, Inspire Me Global organization.
Yaqeen Sikander is one of leading Psychologists & Psychotherapists who is doing extremely incredible work in the area of mental health. Yaqeen through his organization Inspire Me has been serving people of Kashmir, Syria, Rohingya and other parts of the world who are constantly under political distress . His work is recognized by many national and international platforms.

Yaqeen Sikander during the interview unfolds shocking facts on mental health and shares some of the unique life experiences he had which changed the way he perceived life and other things in general. It was absolutely a delight to have Yaqeen Sikander on the podcast.

00:00 – Intro
00:44 – Rewind Kashmir
04:50 – Psychology
05:18 – Publishing Book At the age of 17
08:40 – Specialization In Trauma & PTSD
11:16 – Political Protest Leading To Psychological Disorder
13:45 – How Is Trauma Diagnosed 18:06 – Symptoms Of PTSD And How Is It Diagnosed
31:39 – Can Trauma Or PTSD Ever Be Cured 35:36 – Quick Tips On Wellbeing 45:51 – Islamic Psychology
58:48 – Rapid Fire Round
1:10:54 – Outro

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